Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

Let me just say how unbelievably excited I am to be participating in this challenge. There are 3 reasons why I’m so excited.

1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.

2. The entire series is by my favorite author, Rachel Vincent.

3. One of my favorite blogger people is hosting it. Plus more of my favorite blogging buddies are also participating

4. There are GREAT incentives and prizes each month. (Plus I hear rumors of live chats being tossed in there 😉 )

5. I love this series (I’ve said that already haven’t I?) 😉

The Soul Screamers series is a fantastic read all the way through. I’ve been a fan of Rachel Vincent since she started her Shifer series and her work just keeps getting better and better.

To be honest, I haven’t read the first books since they initially came out in 2009 so I really anxious to re-read the entire thing. Although I’m not big on crying in books, I’m making an exception to these because the tears are so very worth it. Every time I read the next book, I fall more in love with each character (well not all of them *clears throat).

So in short, I’m very very excited to re-read this entire series. Here is a break down of the schedule:


My Soul to Take

January 15-February 14, 2012

My Soul to Save

February 15-March 14, 2012

My Soul to Keep

March 15-April 14-2012

My Soul to Steal

April 15-May14, 2012

If I Die

May 15-June 14, 2012


My Soul to Lose (prequel)

Reaper (novella)

Never to Sleep (novella)

If you haven’t yet had the chance to read these novels, now is the perfect opportunity to not only read them for the first time, have fun and be able to enter a drawing to win some very cool stuff.

If you already have read them, then here’s a chance to re-read them, have some fun and enter to win some cool stuff.

Either way, you’re a winner.

For more info on all the deets and drool worthy incentives, click on the button on this post or on my home page. You’ll be directed to Fiktshun’s webpage who is hosting the event.

I can’t wait to start this challenge and I’m  even more excited since a bunch of my friends are participating in it with me. 🙂

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

  1. I’m doing this challenge as well. It has been awhile since I read the first ones and I definitely want to re-fresh my memory before the next book comes out in June. Plus I read them back when I wasn’t really reviewing everything I read so I never wrote a review for them but now I will be!

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