Versatile Blogger Award-Yippie Skippie!



Well, it seems that I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. The lovely Karen at Attack the Stacks blog nominated me! Holy crap that’s so awesome! I LOVE Karen. She’s so hilarious and her reviews are crazy-awesome. She makes me smile 😀 <—-See? Big cheese grin. Her blog is so adorable. I love the blue and the little dots up at the corner. Just so cute! Her reviews always make me smile and laugh out loud. I stalk visit her blog just about every day. Even though I’m subscribed too (I’m so not a stalker I promise Karen!) So special thank you to her for even thinking of me.

I am truly honored to have been nominated. Especially since I’ve only had my blog up for not even a full month. My blog is so little (I know that followers come in time ;-)).

And now (drumroll please…) for the goodies *wink wink*. The links of the blogs that I stalk visit on a daily basis and who I think should also be nominated for VBA:

1. The Bookish Babes: This blog is ran by my very lovely and very badass friend Andrea. I seriously don’t know what I would do without my twinsie. Andrea was one of the very first people that reached out and said hello to me on twitter. I will be forever thankful that she became such a good friend to me. I love her bunches and bunches. 🙂 Her blog ALWAYS has such great stuff going on. Her reviews are always honest and to the point. She has a great sense of humor that comes through in so many ways. Her blog was also one of the first ones I subscribed to. Much much love goes out to Andrea.

2. Two Chicks on Books: This awesome blog is ran my two more of my favorite blogger buddies Jaime and Patricia. These two were also some of my first twitter buddies. They are so sweet and are always there to help you out. I’ve always thought that their blog is so cute with the little chicks on it. Their reviews are detailed and honest. I have to say these are two of the most sweetest fun ladies I’ve met. The rock my face off 🙂

3. Sim Sational Books: Oh April. April April April. How do I count the ways? Her blog is so hilarious and so so much fun to read. What can I say? I lurve her so much! No matter what mood I’m in, I can cruise on over to her blog (or in my comments), and laugh til I snort. She has a wonderful (yet sometimes pervy) sense of humor that makes her stand out above the rest. I met her through Andrea at The Bookish Babes and just clicked. It’s an awesome feeling to feel part of a pod. You have no idea. 😉 I feel privilaged and honored to call her my friend.

4. The YA Sisterhood: Let me start off that this blog is ran by some ahhhh-mazing ladies. Let me tell you. I learned about them through the YA Crush Tourney last year and was blown away by their site. The kicker? They are seriously so nice! LOL They always have something going on on their blog I don’t know how they keep it up. I love visiting their blog. It’s so pretty and amazing.

5. Fiktshun & My Reading Pile: I put two here because they are both ran by one awesome lady. Rachel’s blog Fiktshun was my very first blog. I started reading blogs because of her. I heard about her through the YA Sisterhood’s Crush Tourney when she was the advocate for one of my all-time favorite characters: Tod Hudson. Let me tell you that she is really amazing and her blog is one to watch. Her other blog My Reading Pile always has good reads and great giveaways. I really don’t know how she does it. I barely have time to keep up my little blog. I can’t even imagine running 3-4 like she does. Her reviews are truly honest and so articulate. I can’t really say enough how awesomely amazing she is.

And now for the 7 things about myself:

1. I still love NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. That’s right. I’m a confessed teeny bopper that still likes boy bands. So sue me. I still know a lot of the dance moves from their music videos and do them when I’m driving in the car.

2. I can’t stand the sound of silverware rubbing against each other. It freaks me out and I hold my hands over my ears or I literally get up and walk away. Same goes when someone is eating and they bite on the fork/spoon when they take a bite. No bueno my friends.

3. My favorite ALL TIME movie is Singing In The Rain with Gene Kelley (my ultimate dreamboat crush *swoons*), Donald O’Conner and Debbie Reynolds. I have the soundtrack, a photo still and the DVD. I even went to see it in the theatre when they played it locally.

4. I have a seriously passionate hate for Kirsten Stewart in the Twilight movies. Like….it’s bad. I can’t even look at hew face without scrunching up my face. Sorry Twilight fans. The truth is: the books we OK. Just OK. SOOOOOOO many other books are better. They could get better people to act for them too. My little rant is over.

5. I have a tattoo that covers my side. From my rib cage to my hip. Don’t worry…it’s not gross. It’s just flowers. 😉 Took 7 hours to do and I did cry a couple times. The rib cage hurts!

6. I have a massively huge crush on Fred Durst. I have since his album came out. I love me some Limp Bizkit. Don’t hate. I even got to play Words with Friends with him. I was totally giddy. *giggles*

7. I am a HUGE Elvis fan. Like HUGE! I have been for a long time. I even have the 1977 issue of Rolling Stones magazine for the month he died. His music calms me. 🙂

I know my factoids aren’t as creative or funny as Karen’s but they’re facts nonetheless. I’m pretty boring. I don’t have any weird quirks (at least I don’t think so).

Once again, a special thank you to Karen for the nomination. You are awesome!

Another shout out to my pod peeps Andrea and April. You guys rock my face off!!



7 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award-Yippie Skippie!

  1. I love you Jess, I know we are early in our relationship, but for real. lol. INSTA LOVE!

    I felt the same about Andrea, she really reached out to me in the beginning.. For a while she may have been the only blogger I talked too, but through her I have met others.. like yourself. ❤

    Now for your facts… I am not a backstreet boy lover, but NSYNC, I love them.

    I have a tattoo also, on the back of my neck. just my sign.OH, and I have on my cheek of a cock…pointed towards my mouth.. but I keep that covered up with foundation most of the time.

    Yay Limp Bizkit! That's great you love elvis, but please tell me you don't think he's still alive.. Please!!! My mother used to come home drunk talking about it every week when I was a child. OH and she was abducted by aliens, so she says. My family is full of nuts.

    Anyhoo, I lurve you! So glad we talk now. 🙂

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