Review: Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks

Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks

Goodreads Description:

Time is running out & the Dark that’s been chasing Syd for many lifetimes has finally caught up with her.

Sydney Roberdeau lost her parents as a young girl. Waiting for her life to start and the freedom that will come with her eighteenth birthday, Syd spends much of her time haunting the local cemetery. It is there, stretched out among the dead, that she feels most alive, most at home. Until one rainy night when Beau, Sarah and T.J. crash her ghostly sanctuary, appearing out of nowhere, turning her already inside-out world one degree past upside down.

Syd must now revisit past lives, dressing in the bodies of her previous selves & bone dressing. Her only chance to outrun the evil breathing down her neck is to face her own worst nightmares and her strongest desires. But if she can’t stay out of trouble in this life, how can she possibly fix mistakes from past lives? And just how many lives has she lived, loved and lost? What is Syd exactly, and what will she risk for the life of a man she doesn’t remember, the man she spent a lifetime with, the man she loves? Everything including her very own life?

Bone Dressing, the first in a series of seven books, will carry Syd and Beau on an adventure that transcends life itself.

Why did I pick this?

When I first started really getting into twitter, I followed Michelle and I retweeted a lot of her tweets. Every time i would retweet, she would always say thank you to me. It was so nice of her! She DM’ed me a couple of times and we chatted. πŸ˜‰ I bought her book because I liked her a lot and her book seemed totally interesting. πŸ™‚

What did I think?

I really, really enjoyed the whole idea of this book. When I read the blurb about it on goodreads, I was really excited because it sounded so different than what I’ve read before. I’ve never read a story quite like this.

Let me start of with the two main characters. Sydney is the main character of this story. She’s has an explosive personality. She has a temper and there were times I myself wanted to tell her to shhhh. πŸ˜‰ I liked how strong she was with everything going on. Although sometimes it was hard to follow her thought process.

Remy aka Beau is very sexy to me. He is actually the opposite of Syd in many ways. He keeps his cool most of the time. He is a mystery at times as well. I’m never really sure what his intentions are or what part he actually plays. I loved his first meeting with Syd.

Now for the story….

Like I mentioned earlier, this was unlike any book I’ve read. Seriously. When I thought I had a good idea of where it was going or what was happening, I get thrown a huge curve ball that throws me so off track. I didn’t even see those twists coming. They weren’t subtle twists either. They were the kind that could take this book anywhere. The possibilities were endless which was awesome.

I found myself confused a lot of the time. Mainly because Syd’s thoughts were so erratic and there was a lot of attention to details which I’m not used too. Syd’s crazy brain made it a little bit realisitic to me because my brain is exactly like that

Beau and Syd’s relationship was confusing to me too. There were times when Beau was hot and then completely cold so I wasn’t sure where he was coming from. I’m sure more will be revealed in the upcoming books for this series. So I’m anxious to see his part play out.

I will say this….I absolutely, completely dislike Mr. Askew. Oh. Em. Gee he creeps me out. I hated the fact that he got away with what he got away with. I just wanted to reach into the book and ring his neck….or junk punch him. Or both.

Since this has a quite a few more books in the series, I seriously hope Karma catches up to him. BIG time.

I really look forward to reading the next books in this series because I want to find out how Syd fixes her past and her future. It’s going to be quite a ride.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. I’m excited to read the next installments in this series.

Favorite Quote:

“You will never strip me…of anything. You’ll never break me. Not even in your wildest dreams. You aren’t man enough for that. Not today, not yesterday, not ever.”




5 thoughts on “Review: Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks

  1. wow, that’s pretty daunting.. “Bone Dressing, the first in a series of seven books”

    Thats an awefully brave thing to write in the description.. b/c I dont know about you.. but my To read pile is Hella Huge.. and I dont even do to many review books.. Just the thought of adding possible 7 more.. wheww.

    That’s not to say the description doesnt sound good. I”ll probably try it out at some point. I’m a little concerned about the being confused stuff thouhg. I don’t mind being confused if I’m supposed to be. I dont have much patience for being confused otherwise. when you have a toddler yelling in your ear most the time.. the story has to be pretty understandable. Otherwise I will put it down.

    I really love this cover though. Very spooky looking. Great review dear, and I am loving how your blog is coming along. It’s all cute like you! Your package says it should deliver on the 29th by the way. Andrea’s isn’t supposed to get there until march 5th. i had to send yours differently because used that priority box. So no ruining her surprise !!! lol

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