Review: Noah by Elizabeth Reyes

Noah by Elizabeth Reyes

Goodreads Description:

Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she’s left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and rejuvenate her life, she meets Noah. Assigned to help Veronica lose weight, Noah is everything she expected a young trainer to be—perfectly chiseled, supportive and motivating. Add to that, he’s incredibly sexy. He’s everything she’s ever looked for in a man. What she least expected was for him to fall for her, but he has. There’s just one glaring problem: Noah is eight years younger.

Noah Quintanilla has his eye on a boxing title—someday. Down for a few months with an injury, his maintenance-boy pay at 5th Street Gym won’t cut it. He’s finally given the opportunity to train. The catch? His trainee is an out-of-shape woman with a free week pass. Taking on the challenge, Noah stumbles into one of the closest friendships he’s ever known, and before he knows it, he’s in love. But Veronica’s not having it—the age difference is too much. Their platonic relationship means having to watch her date other men—something that would make him crazy. Believing he’s the man for her, Noah sets out to prove that age is but an illusion, and there’s more to him than just a number.

Why did I pick this?

I actually first heard about this book from one of my BFF’s, Autumn at The Autumn Review. Autumn has always had a good taste in books and this sounded really cute so I thought I’d try it out.

What did I think?

I thought the story as a whole was really good. I loved the idea of it. Although I did have a couple quibbles about some parts. But overall it was really good.

I’ll start with Noah. I loved his character. Like loved him. He was just so damn adorable I felt like I wanted to pinch his cheeks. I thought that he was a very well rounded guy with a heart of gold. Which made him all the more sweeter for it. His devotion to his dream and the people he loved was really remarkable. He had a lot of heart and was just overall fantastic.

Then you have Veronica. I liked her in the beginning and really felt for her. She’d been through a lot and seemed like she lost herself. The only part that would get on my nerves every now and then was her wishy washyness (<— is that a word? It is now 😉 ) She knew she wanted Noah. KNEW it. Yet, she kept denying her feelings and not seeing how true he really was.

I understand about being a little older can be a little weird for the woman, but I found myself skimming some of those parts where she was arguing with herself.

The chemistry between Noah and Veronica was so incredible. They sizzled.

I did like the fact that Noah helped Veronica remember who she was before everything happened to her. He helped restore Veronica to her old self and that is truly amazing.

Both of them did make stupid mistakes in the book which was sad. But it made them human. Not everyone is perfect. I liked how Reyes made this book real.

When authors tell the gritty, grimy truth of humanity it makes me appreciate the book more. I want characters that make mistakes and then learn from them.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. The love story was adorable and very sweet. I can’t wait to read more of this series and each of the characters.

Favorite Quote:

From Noah’s POV: Noah had always been into girlie girls. He liked them to fuss over their hair and loved watching them apply their makeup, especially the lipstick. Roni didn’t even wear any, yet something about her exuded femininity. She didn’t have to do all those things. And she didn’t need makeup or scented lotions. It was all natural with her. It was what he now loved about her. <—-THAT is a REAL man! 😀


3 thoughts on “Review: Noah by Elizabeth Reyes

  1. I bought this one a few weeks ago and have been looking forward to reading it. I’m glad you enjoyed the overall story despite the parts that bugged you.
    Great review, Twinsie!

  2. I’m glad you liked this. I really liked the story too. Roni bugged me sometimes with her wish washyiness 😉 too! I loved that she was older and overweight and he still loved her. I mean LOVED her. Noah is a complete sweetheart. Loved him too. I just read Gio, the next book, recently. I really liked it. Gio is freakin hot. I had some issues with the story, but ER writing is always good. Hope you like the next one! LOVE YOU lots and lots and lots. Miss you too.

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