Ties That Bind Blog Tour & Giveaway

Today is my stop on the Ties That Bind blog tour!

I have an excerpt and giveaway so pay attention!

Goodreads Description:

Kate Yager never had a father, and she never minded – until her mom died. Now, acting on the name called out on her mother’s deathbed, Kate has moved to San Francisco and gotten herself hired by the man she suspects to be her dad. As if a new job, new apartment, and new parent weren’t enough, Kate finds herself head-over-heels in lust with a complete stranger she met at an art show. A stranger who, she later finds out, happens to work in her office.

As her relationships with her friends and father grow stronger, Kate has to confront the decisions of her past to find out whether she can love the man who gave her up, love the man who loves her truly, and even whether she can love herself.

First, for the excerpt:

She felt the weight of someone’s stare and self-consciously peeked over her shoulder, startled to confirm there was indeed a man watching her from the far side of the room. He was surrounded by a crowd, mostly female, and his face was tilted down and to the side as if he was listening to the woman at his left. But his eyes were definitely on Kate.

Why? Everything in the room slowed down under the heat of his gaze – everything except her heart rate. It was thundering like a runaway train. A blush flooded her cheeks when his lips twitched into a smile and she turned quickly to study the next group of photos.

She took a long sip of her drink to cool her cheeks. She tried to focus on the art, but her mind’s eye kept conjuring the image of messy brown hair and dark eyes. She wondered just what color those eyes were.

“Do you like them?” A husky voice asked close to her ear.

“Very much,” Kate murmured, turning slightly towards the man who had materialized at her side. She looked up and thought fleetingly, His eyes are gray.

“Are you a fan of Gavin Nichols? I don’t think I’ve seen you at any of his other shows.”

“Oh, Gavin and I go way back,” Kate joked flippantly, taking another drink in hopes of calming her nerves. The man’s eyebrows shot up in question and the corner of his mouth pulled into a slow smile but he said nothing. “What about you?” Kate couldn’t for the life of her think of something better to say.

“I never miss a show.” He grinned in earnest then. “Which is your favorite?”

“It’s hard to say.” She bit her bottom lip in thought. “The intensity of the color on that one is almost painful, in a good kind of way. But the sepia tones in the picture of the homeless man make it quite beautiful. And the black and whites of the shoreline make the rocky crags so much more dramatic. I have a hard time choosing a favorite.”

“Interesting.” He seemed thoughtful. “I like how you put that.”

“Thank you.” Kate felt her cheeks heat up again. Maybe it was the British accent. Maybe it was because his nearness invaded her every sense. She could feel the warmth of his breath when he spoke; it caressed her neck and made her heart trip a funny beat. He smelled amazing, too; she had to resist the urge to reach out and touch him.

“You’re not from here,” he stated. “What brings you to San Francisco?”

“Work.” It was partially true.

“Ah, work. And where do you work?”

“The San Franciscan,” she answered as she waved to the waiter to bring her another drink.

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“Is it? I just started this week so I really don’t know that much about it yet.” She shrugged and paid the waiter for the martini.

“Thirsty?” He eyed the empty glass she handed the waiter.

“It’s awfully warm in here…I’m sorry. I should have asked if you wanted something.”

“Shouldn’t I be offering to get you the drink?”

“I don’t know, should you?” She paused thoughtfully. “You’re not from around here, either.”

“What gave it away?” He arched an eyebrow in mock-surprise.

“What brings you to San Francisco?”


She meant to ask him where he worked, but he’d said the word so close to her ear it sent a new wave of sparks skittering through her nervous system. Instead something along the lines of “Mmm” was all that found its way to her lips. She took another long drink, wondering off-handedly when was the last time she’d consumed this much alcohol this quickly.

“Is this your first time in San Francisco?” he asked politely.


“And what do you think so far?”

“It’s fascinating.”

“Truly.” His eyes met hers, and the thought crossed her mind that there was another layer to his answer.

“More fascinating every minute.” She took another drink.

Pretty awesome right?

Now for the giveaway: 

What’s up for grabs? An e-book copy of Ties That Bind. There will be 3 winners!!!!

Just leave me a comment below to enter.

Check out the other stops on this tour HERE


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