Blog Stop: Shark Bait by Jenn Cooksey

Welcome to my stop on the Back To School Blog Hop of Shark Bait by Jenn Cooksey.

Let me tell you how very excited I am to be a part of this. I met Jenn through twitter and I am very honored to say that not only have I met her in person, but she’s become a very close friend. I love Jenn and I think she is an ah-mazing writer.

I read and reviewd Shark Bait a while ago. You can read my review and check out the tour I took with Jenn HERE plus an interview 😉 .

Here is some info on the book:

Goodreads Description:

Previously homeschooled Camie Ramsey is being shoved into the shark-infested waters of public high school, where even helium filled, penguin bespeckled arm floaties likely won’t help keep her inexperienced, fifteen-year old head above water in that rip current of hormones and emotions.

Camie’s worldly wisdom might be severely lacking (i.e., the closest she’s come to being kissed was sitting too close to the TV whilst Jake Ryan leaned in to give Samantha that fateful 16th birthday kiss), but she does understand her only hope for survival is if she’s thrown some kind of “social” life preserver before she sinks like a freaking rock. However, what will her fate be when she endeavors to flag down the only lifeguard on duty, the enormously popular and ridiculously beautiful Tristan Daniels? The most sought after and virtually most unattainable guy in school who not only makes Camie’s heart flatline on a recurring basis, he’s also the one guy who seemingly doesn’t know she exists.

Feeling like an inept piece of chum that could ultimately be swallowed by Jaws, can Camie get Tristan to rescue her from floundering in the treacherous deep, or is she destined to be Shark Bait?

Author’s Note:
While the tales themselves are fictional, some of the events and characters are very loosely based in reality and on my experiences—but don’t worry, the names of the characters, most of their unfortunate fashion sense and/or questionable taste in music has been changed to protect the not-so innocent.

Due to language and some adult content, this book may not be suitable for readers under the age of 16

For my stop on this blog tour, I get to chose an excerpt from the book and I have a reeeeeeally good one. It’s also one of my favorite scenes in the book. This’ll only give you a taste of what a dream-boat Tristan is.

For your reading pleasure:

Aw, crap. This is so what I’d hoped to avoid having to endure tonight. I get in line for the bathroom and what do I hear? It’s a sound so horrific it makes my stomach clench and I have to cover my mouth to keep from retching on bile…-Teresa using foul words to excrete her toxic designs on Tristan. I’m really coming to hate her. She’s standing next to Lisa and with just one other girl between us; I can hear everything coming out of her mouth. I’m seriously considering sticking my fingers in my ears and singing la-la-la-la to myself so I don’t have to be subjects to her torture, because honestly, my temper’s been particularly short lately and I’m afraid I might unleash verbal hell-or worse-on her. At least automotive difficulties are keeping Tristan incommunicado for the time being and maybe once he gets here, he’ll find a safe place to hide.

Or, not…

I waited my turn, kept my mouth shut like a good girl, and by the time I got to the front of the line, I had to go. Perfect timing, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I can’t say much for timing on exiting the house after using the facilities. I’d just take barely more than four steps out one of the sliding glass backdoors when, carrying a large pitcher of some kind of red punch and not paying attention to where he was going, a guy clipped the shoulder of a girl who was to my left so that the contents of the pitcher went flying completely drench me. Adding salt to my margarita wound-okay, it isn’t a pitcher of margaritas, but it’s definitely boozy-is that this whole thing happened right in front of none other than the Trollop Triplets and Tristan. I could tell Tristan really wanted to be cracking up and was desperately trying to keep a straight face, but Teresa wasn’t nearly as kind. The disparagingly-vapid-mailicious-pestilent-bitch immediately pointed at me, first cackling and then, howling in savage laughter.

“OH MY GOD!! Hey everyone, look!! That’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen! Sucks to be you!”

“I don’t know if I’d say that.”

If I weren’t already so thoroughly stunned, Tristan’s disarmingly purred words suddenly coming from right beside me would’ve made me jump out of my skin. My bones may have remained secure, but the look on Tristan’s face is giving my nerves quite the work out. Plus, my palms are tingling so intensly; I wouldn’t be surprised to look and see myself hooked up to electrodes. That being said, I felt his next turn of phrase in my toes…

“While I agree this might not be your best look, I bet you taste pretty good.” His eyes locked on mine and, mesmerized, I watched them shift and change into a darker blue than I’d ever known eyes could be. Then-holy crapolie-you’re SO not gonna believe what he did-he slowly ran his finger down my dripping nose, put said finger in his mouth, and sucked the punch stuff right off of it! “Yep…pretty tasty indeed.”

Am I right? Right? Yes….dreamboat….thy name is Tristan. Sa-woon!

Hurry and get the book at Amazon|Barnes & Noble

Here is a little about my good friend Jenn:

Jenn Cooksey is a Southern California girl born and bred, and proudly boasts being a member of Grossmont High School’s alumni.
She currently resides in the 7th Ring of Hell (aka; Arizona) with her husband (whom she married on a dare while in Las Vegas), their three daughters, and more pets than she has the patience to count.
Aside from her husband and one cat, everyone living under the Cooksey’s roof is female. She’s sure her husband will be not only be awarded sainthood when he kicks the bucket, but that Jesus will welcome him into heaven with a beer and a congratulatory high-five.
She also believes that Bacon should be capitalized. Always.

Stalk me here:
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now too. *Sigh*


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your shot at an e-copy of Shark Bait, but for a chance at the grand prize, the Ultimate Shark Bait Swag Bag, make sure you travel to every blog on the hop and jot down the highlighted letters and what blog you found them at in order to answer the scavenger hunt question! The grand prize giveaway will be at the final stop of the hop over on Jenn Cooksey’s Blog on September 21st!

And since Wordpress is no fun for me, go HERE to my bestie’s blog to enter in the giveaway because Rafflecopter doesn’t work on my blog.



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