Where Have I Been?!

Where have I Been?!

Hello to all my beloved blog followers! It’s been a while since I’ve made an appearance. I feel really guilty for not following up so I thought I’d drop a note to tell you all what’s been going on and that I have NOT forgotten about you and this blog.

As most of you already know, I recently got married. Yes…VERY recently. Just a month ago. It was a beautiful wedding and a day that I will cherish forever. As soon as I get my pictures, I will be posting them up here to show the world.  The wedding date was August 25th.

After that, of course, we had our honeymoon up in gorgeous Napa, California. I’ve never been up to northern Cali and it was an amazing trip. Best week of my life really. After the 3 years me and my man have been together, we’ve never had a vacation. Ever. So this was something that we needed desparately. We enjoyed it to the fullest.

After that week was my birthday. Not that it was a big deal since I don’t really celebrate them like I used to. When you forw up, birthdays lose it’s luster you know what I mean? Presents go from being Barbies and dolls to clothing and things that you NEED. LOL

After that….things went a little south for me and my family. My birthday was on the 4th and my grandfather got admitted into the hospital after a stroke on the 7th. After about a week and a half, my grandfather (and one of my beloved heroes) passed away at 9:30 pm on September 18. It was rough to say the least. He was 87 and had 8 kids who grew up to be amazing people and had 17 grandchildren.

Then, to add to this horrible week, my grandmother (from the other side of the family) has to be admitted into the hospital for kidney failure. Her organs were going down and they found a rare blood disease. Shortly after about 1:30, they took her off of her ventilator to let her go. She was also in her mid eighties and lived a good life. She helped raise 8 kids and has 10 grandchildren.

So needless to say that my blog has had to take a backseat to family issues. Now, I am not telling you any of this to get sympathy or anything like that. I’m just sharing and letting you know that I truly haven’t forgotten about this blog. I just haven’t found the right time or frame of mind to really post anything. Seems like I’ve been on auto pilot for the past two weeks.

So I promise to be back and on my best behaviour (sort of) pretty damn soon. I thank you all for your patience and for sticking with me. It means a lot. I’m sure you’ll find me on twitter more often than not. Hit me up anytime.

See you around!


Aka Hackaroo 🙂


7 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?!

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your grandparents. I lost my dad (who was only 63) the 18 of aug and I’m having a hard enough time dealing with his loss, I can’t imagine losing two people around the same time. 😦 what really stinks is that my family name will die out with my brother. My brother and uncle both had girls.

    I can’t wait to see pictures from your wedding! I have hopes to someday just make it out to Cali in general. 🙂

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