Shifters Read A Long Kick Off!

Today starts off the first week of the Shifters Read A Long. I’m really excited to start this because I haven’t read these books in a long time.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can go HERE and sign up.

Here are the dates again for this read a long:

Read A Long Dates:

Nov. 5-10: Chapters 1-10
Nov. 12-17: Chapters 11-20
Nov. 19-24: Chapters 21-32
Nov. 27th: Book recap/chat
Dec. 3-8: Chapters 1-10
Dec. 10-15: Chapters 11-20
Dec. 17-22: Chapters 21-32
Dec. 27th : Book recap/chat
Week of December 31 – January 4: Break
Jan. 7-12: Chapters 1-11
Jan. 14-19: Chapters 12-22
Jan. 21-26: Chapters 23-34
Jan. 29th: Book recap/chat
Feb. 4-9: Chapters 1-13
Feb. 11-16: Chapters 14-27
Feb. 18-23: Chapters 28-39
Feb 26th: Book recap/chat
Mar. 4-9: Chapters 1-10
Mar. 11-16: Chapters 11-20
Mar. 18-23: Chapters 21-32
March 28th: Book recap/chat
Apr. 1-6: Chapters 1-11
Apr. 8-13: Chapters 12-23
Apr. 15-20: Chapters 24-35
Apr. 23: Book recap/chat
May 3rd: Series Recap/giveaway winner announced.
I seriously hope you sign up for this. Not only for the prize at the end but because these books are completely awesome.
Happy reading! Hope to see you at the end of the month!

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