Review Policy

I am currently accepting Traditional (large and small press), Indie, and Self-Published novels in the following genres for an honest review:
*Chick Lit
*YA and Adult Contemporary
*YA and Adult Paranormal Romance
*YA and Adult Romance
*Urban Fantasy 

If your request is approved, bound books and e-books are accepted. E-books preferred on .mobi or pdf.

If you submit a request please provide the following info:
*brief description
*your website or blog info
*bound book or e-book format
*deadline or timeframe to be read


*Please keep the genres to those listed above.

You can contact me via twitter or goodreads.

At this present moment, I am not accepting any review copies unless I know you personally. I am getting married in a month and that will occupy my time. 🙂 Maybe in September I will start accepting books. But until then, I’m not accepting any reviews.

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